Copy kit: ABC for startups

Writing copy for a startup? Here’s a brief ABC to help you on your way:

Audience – You’re a startup. So your audience will be small. Initially. Be realistic: you are not speaking to a billion people. Keep it conversational. Pretend you are talking to a friend. Adopt a relaxed, chatty, informative tone. Invite them to share your optimism.

Benefits – You’re here to help. That’s what your product is for. So pitch its benefits before you dish up its details. ‘You’ll never have to wash your socks again’ beats ‘Our new product uses interwoven nanofibres to remove the odour from …’

Curiosity – Use human nature. Appeal to our natural curiosity. Your hook must be sharp and shiny. It must make people stay. It’s all in the headline and opener: ‘Our fibre keep socks fresh’ beats ‘Employing interwoven-nanofibre technology developed using smart algorithms, our product removes unnecessary odours from footwear by …’

Data – Empathy is everything. Know your customer. Speak directly to them. Imagine what they look like, their age, how they talk. Are they at work? When will they read your copy? Reflect upon their wants and needs. They are people before they are consumers.

Energy – Startups enthuse. Everyone loves great ideas. We all want bright entrepreneurs to succeed. So communicate energy. Portray a world of possibilities. Recruit your readers in a grand task of transformation. We all want to be part of something bigger.