Copy can make or break a brand. Reputation is sacrosanct. Identity is inviolable. One slip can reverberate across a market. Errors cause production headaches and even legal problems. They can creep in when least expected. It is best to fireproof against them.

We ensure that all text is squeaky clean, adheres consistently to a rational style, and can be read with ease. We understand design, too, and how this needs to complement, not challenge, the words. We want to set the bar for copy craft and take writing to the next level.

Nib Content applies excellent proofreading skills across every platform that pay acute, pedantic attention to detail. We read with a sharp eye to ensure that spelling and grammar are impeccable while the story remains sensitive to the needs of a brand and culture.

We have considerable experience identifying and resolving problems. We have the confidence to correct what doesn’t work. We adapt to any format – from the minutely technical snap to the sweeping treatise. We will quality check existing content when asked.

We can handle a high degree of responsibility, prioritise to meet deadlines, and stay calm in a storm. We aim to build solid relationships with creative and marketing teams, collaborating with and inspiring fellow copywriters, taking an active role in the peer approval of their work, and sharing insights and experience with colleagues.