Applying the sharpest tools available to wordsmiths forged on the anvil of Fleet Street, we commission and edit all forms of copy for a broad range of clients, from the press and PR agencies to corporations, management schools, academic publishers and SMEs.

Whatever your audience, Nib Content ensures your words have maximum impact by sticking rigidly to a guiding rule: all content must support customer comprehension.

Our experience editing financial, management, business and technical copy – from company news to reports on capital markets, derivatives and product technology – is unrivalled. We are steadfast in ensuring that our copy conveys messages as clearly and succinctly as possible.

We are definitely not fazed by deadlines. Our text and headlines lure readers into your world. Creative but meticulous, serious but not dry, we nip and tuck with surgical precision – but never leave scars.

We are team players, and go out of our way to support and guide client colleagues on use of language, consistency and style. We stay on top of and experiment with emerging trends and specialist knowledge in content and copywriting.

Our work is based on two principles:

  1. Exemplary craft – we obey pristine quality standards, continually strive to improve the creative product by understanding the client’s ambitions, and lead by example. We regularly produce fresh and factually accurate content for a range of outlets.
  2. Lust for language – we deploy exceptional communication skills and standards, take a hands-on role in writing clear, persuasive and original copy that strikes just the right chord for customers, and always adapt tone and style to meet project needs.